5TH Of July Spectacular Derby

Sunday               July 5, 2020             2 PM

Gates open at 11 AM                   ALL  Gates close at 1:30 PM

Mendota Tri County Fair Grounds

Wire Full Size    ~     Wire Mini Cars   ~     Wire Vans   ~     Wire Trucks

Under CDC social distancing guidelines, etc., the derby will use the following rules:

80 Competition vehicles (4 classes, with ONLY 20 vehicles max) will be allowed on the property with limit of 3 crew members per car.

Entries will open Monday, June 8 and will not be accepted after June 29th.

Competitors are only allowed to run up to 2 classes MAX. You must pay for 2 entry fees as well.

Vehicles will pre-register online to avoid any lines, money exchange, etc.

Asking those who are in attendance to remain at least 6 feet from each other, with no more than 10 individuals per group, which should not be a problem considering the large space at our venue.

NO SPECATATORS WILL BE PERMITTED ON PROPERTY AS GRANDSTANDS WILL BE CLOSED.   An additional 100 pit passes will be sold ONLINE beginning June 29th through July 3rd.    PIT PASSES are $40 each for all ages.   

There will be a limited offering concession stand available

Attendees are highly encouraged to follow COVID guidelines with proper PPE

No golf carts may be used in the pit area, except individuals with disabilities that limit them from walking.

Entry fee is $200 per competing vehicle, each fee includes driver and up to 3 crew members.

All crew members and drivers MUST sign in together!



Driver Name:__________________________________   Class:___________________________ Number:_________

Address:_____________________________ City/State/Zip:_______­­­­____________________ Phone:______________



Driver Signature (sign above)

                                  Credit Card Information:

Name on Card:_________________________________________                           

Card Number:___________________________________________     Expiration Date:___________

Billing Address with Zip Code:_________________________________________________________

EMAIL ENTRIES TO carol@ramerinc.com                                    FAX ENTRIES TO 815-539-9312