1980 & NEWER

  1. Refer to General Rules for non-building rules.
  2. No 4x4 or all wheel drive vehicles allowed. Front wheel or rear wheel drive is allowed.
  3. Pre-derbied cars are allowed, provided they meet all rules.


  1. Remove all glass, chrome, plastic, molding, headliner, dash, flammable material, A/C coolant, antifreeze, trailer hitches and interior decking.
  2. Stock gas tank must be removed. A small metal tank must be mounted in the rear seat area. The tank must be very secure and covered. If you need to use the original tank due to the fuel injection system, you will be allowed to. Tank mounting, covering, and system must be very safe. Use the properly rated lines. No plastic tanks allowed for safety reasons.
  3. Electric fuel pump allowed but switch must be clearly marked on/off.
  4. No more than one battery allowed which must be relocated to front passenger floor, secured and covered.
  5. Floor shifter allowed. Ignition & wiring modifications (hot wire) allowed.
  6. Hood must have a 12”x12” minimum hole to easily extinguish fires. Extra hole(s) in hood not required if you have at least 12”x12” header holes.


  1. Absolutely no bolting, pinning, screwing, etc. of the frame or body seams. Frames will be scoped.Frame may have chain or wire from frame rail to frame rail behind rearend.No larger than 1/2" chain.Frames seams may be rewelded from trannsmission cross member to front bumper.Weld may not exceed 1/2 width.GM cars will be allowed hump plates on a trial period.22inches,half moon shape.Must be centered in the hump.
  2. Frame or body repairs due to rust or damage must be approved prior to event.NO EXCEPTIONS!!!!
  3. NO stuffing or filling of frame. Do not undercoat. Paint, cover, or put any substance on or in the frame.Any of these may cause automatic disqualification and forfeiture of entries.
  4. Firewall, floor pan (for shifter), and wheel wells or fenders can be trimmed within reason.
  5. Fenders or wheel wells & hood cut outs may be bolted in six places each. 1/2"bolt max
  6. Tucking of trunk is allowed.You must allow access for inspection.Two(2)holes,Three(3)inch by Three(3) for inspection are required if necessary to see inside. NO “Sedagons”.
  7. Doors must be chained,wired or welded shut. Chains/wires may go around the frame. Doors may not be bolted shut in any way.
  8. Hoods and trunk lids may be wired or bolted shut.You will be allowed up to (8) places on hood and(8)on trunk.All bolts must be sheet metal to sheet metal except front (2) core support bolts,which may be changed up to 3/4" allthread.All other bolts may be no larger than 1/2".Washers not to exceed 3x3 square.Trunk lid may also be welded.
  9. Original body mount bolts may be replaced.All bolts MUST be inside of frame.There will be no exceptions to this rule.Any car not following this will be asked to load and will forfeit all entries.If driver chooses to not change body bolts,they will be allowed (4) additional bolts to be added anywhere driver chooses,but may not interfere with existing body bolts.Bolt size no larger than 1inch with 3x3 washer. 
  10. Leaf springs can be clamped, 3 clamps per side. Leaf springs must be factory stock for your make and model of vehicle. Shackles or spring mounts may not be modified. Coil springs may be secured with chain/wire/cable or a tack weld only. Suspension, spring & shocks must remain stock, unless noted. Max bumper height of 28” to bottom of bumper with a minimum of 18". No suspension or spring conversions allowed (coil to leaf).On Newer Ford watts cars will be allowed to use pre 98 ford brackets.Aftermarket brackets will be allowed if they are pre approved.
  11. Rear control arms may be reinforced and modified but must be an original part before any modification. 
  12. Front control arms(A-arms) & ball joints can be interchanged from manufacturer to manufacturer. No reinforcing allowed.
  13. Bumpers & brackets may be interchanged from make/model/year. Automotive bumpers & brackets only. No homemade bumpers or brackets allowed. Bumper brackets must be in factory location and may not be relocated to reinforce the frame.
  14. Bumpers, shocks, & brackets may be welded, bolted, & wired. Two pieces of 4”x12”x1/4” metal may be welded or bolted to help hold the bumper on. Bumpers may be trimmed but no sharp edges. We do not want bumpers to fall off, please put them on securely.
  15. Dash bar and seat bars are allowed for driver’s safety. Bars may be connected to each other with door bars.Down bars will be allowed,4 total.Front 2 must be mounted at least 6 inches behind crush box or front hump.Rear 2 must be mounted no further back than the flat part of the rear frame. Bars may not extend past the firewall and may not extend rearward beyond the front most part of the rear wheel well tubs. Bars may not tie into rear frame humps, drive train, frame,Fire wall or body mount bolt plates.Rollover bars are permitted,but may not connect to frame.
  16. Windshield net/guard is mandatory. Hardtop (no post) cars must have straps or chains/wires from door to roof in door post and/or passenger area.


  1. Any engine or trannsmission maybe used in any car.Rear end must be a max of a 5 lug automotive type. Rear end may be welded or spooled. Rear end guards allowed. Rear end may be chained/wired to frame in two places max.
  2. Engine must be within 5” of original position.Distributor protectors are allowed but in no way may contact dash bar in anyway,before or after derby. Engine components may be modified (fan blades, header pipes, etc.). Transmission cooler allowed, must be secure and safe. Transmission may be chained/wired in place.
  3. Motor mounts may be modified to better hold engine in place but may not strengthen car.


  1. Radiator must be mounted in stock location.No added supports will be allowed. No auxiliary systems allowed. Radiator guards allowed, provided they are no thicker than ¼” and are connected only to the radiator and the sheet metal. They may not connect to the frame or bumper.
  2. Any type of tire or wheel may be used. Split rims must be welded solid. Wheel weights must be removed. Valve stem protectors are allowed.
  3. All vehicles must have legible number on a roof mounted sign. Choose your number, first come – first served.