1. Refer to General Rules for non-building rules.

2. This class is very stock – intended for the beginner or someone who wants to build a vehicle in a day or two. No additional work may be done to the vehicle. ANY MODIFICATIONS MADE TO VEHICLE NOT STATED IN THESE RULES WILL RESULT IN VEHICLE MOVING TO THE MODIFIED MID SIZE CLASS!! NO EXCEPTIONS!!

3. NO 4X4 VEHICLES ALLOWED. ONLY FRONT WHEEL DRIVE VEHICLES 111 in wheelbase or smaller Unibody Mid Size or compact cars.

4. Vehicle must be left completely factory stock, except as noted below.

5. Remove all spare tires, trailer hitches, glass, bumper covers, air bags, chrome, plastic, molding, wheel weights, A/C coolant, antifreeze and flammable material from inside and outside of the vehicle before entering event. Dash may be left in or may be removed.

6. Stock gas tank must be removed from under vehicle if located behind rear axle. If tank is located in front of axle it can remain in stock location.A small metal tank must be mounted in the rear seat area. The tank must be very secure and covered. If you need to use the original tank due to the fuel injection system, you will be allowed to. Tank mounting, covering and fuel delivery lines must be very safe. Use the properly rated lines. Plastic tanks not allowed, unless it is a factory tank.

7. Electronic fuel system allowed (if vehicle came from the factory with it) but you must mount an easy to reach switch that must be clearly marked on/off.

8. All cars are to remain STOCK!!!

9. Hood must have 12”x12” minimum hole to easily extinguish engine fires.

10. Doors must be chained, wired or welded shut in a max of two places per door. If welded (6) six inches maximum.

11. Hood, trunk, & tailgate must be chained/wired shut in two places.

12. Battery must be relocated inside of the vehicle, secured and covered. One battery max.

13. Dash bar and seat bars are allowed for driver’s safety. Bars may be connected to each other with door bars. Bars may not extend past the firewall and may not extend rearward beyond six inches behind front seat. Cage may not tie into floor, rear frame humps, drive train or frame.

14. Factory original drive train must be used.

15. Any tire or wheel can be used. Stock bumpers only. Any car that does not have a steel bumper may replace bumper with a mini car steel bumper but must be mounted on the original brackets of the car you are participating in.

16. All cars must have a legible number on roof mounted sign. Choose your number, first come – first served