2007 Official Rules


1. Check specific show and class entering for type of vehicle accepted. 
Not all shows offer all classes. Build your vehicle according to rules for selected class.
2. All glass, headlights, taillights, trim, and fiberglass body parts
must be removed from vehicle before entering grounds.
3. All carpet, headliners, door panels, and back seats must be removed
and vehicle swept clean before entering grounds.
4. BOTH SIDES OF VEHICLE MUST be painted with an approved number
painted legibly in a contrasting color, NO SMALLER THAN 18 INCHES TALL.  Roof numbers are STRONGLY RECOMMENDED.  Driver's door MUST BE PAINTED WHITE. White vehicles must outline driver's door in RED OR BLACK. Painting and decorating of vehicles within the realms of decency.  Profanity will not be tolerated.
5. Hood springs must be removed, but hinges must remain intact.  Hood
must be operable at initial inspection.
6. All vehicles must have on/off toggle switch ignitions for quick shut
7. Radiator must remain in stock position or removed from vehicle.
Water only in radiators - NO ANTIFREEZE ALLOWED.
8. If floor is rusted through on driver's side it MUST be patched.
Patch material may not exceed thickness of original sheet metal. No "skid plates" allowed.  NO CONCRETE AT ALL>  Anyone violating the "NO CONCRETE" rule will be immediately disqualified with all entry fees and winnings forfeited. Additionally, violators will be barred from any RRP show for a minimum of one calendar year from date of violation.
9. No studded snow tires. Air only in tires: no fluid.
10. Gas tank must be removed from stock location.  An approved marine
tank, fuel cell, or other suitable metal tank should be securely mounted in center of floorboard behind front seat and appropriately covered.  Gas only in tanks. A maximum of 6 gallons of fuel is allowed.
11. Any size automotive battery may be used.  Only one battery allowed.
Battery must be securely fastened and appropriately covered.
12. Stacks through the hood are allowed.  If not used, two 8-inch holes
must be cut in hood for quick access to engine fires. Headers are
13. Welding of bumper shocks and motor mounts is recommended.
14. A single pipe may be welded parallel to dash immediately behind
front seat with a second pipe at the firewall, joined together by a single pipe at each end. A third pipe, parallel to the first two may be placed no further back than the center of the fuel tank in rear seat area. No pipe to exceed 6 inches in diameter. See individual class for any additional bars allowed in conjunction with these pipes.
15. All cars must have stock, OEM, working front and rear suspension.
No homemade shocks.  You must have a working shackle on the rear of car. Rear ends may be welded or locked.
16. Hoods, trunk lids, and tailgates must be open and operable at
inspection. Check individual class rules for exceptions.
17. Drivers must be at least 18 years of age.  16 and 17 year old
drivers MAY be allowed with prior experience and notarized parental release on file with promoter prior to day of show. Releases available by contacting promoter. All persons entering pit area under the age of 18 MUST have a notarized release from parent or guardian on file with promoter.  Photo identification required for all drivers and pit crews. Minors must be accompanied by an adult at all times. A minimum age requirement may be imposed at any show.
18. No dogs allowed on grounds, either in the pit or spectator areas.
19. No alcohol allowed in pit area.  No driver or pit crewmember may
consume alcohol before or during any event.  Any driver or pit crewmember found in violation will be ejected from grounds and all entry fees forfeited.
20. All drivers must wear an approved, full-faced helmet, eye
protection, shoes, long pants, and shirts.  (Long sleeved shirts preferred.)  Seat belts are mandatory and must be worn.
21. Driver and car qualify for feature events together; no changing of
either will be permitted. REGISTERED AND SCHEDULED DRIVERS ONLY allowed
in competition area before, during, and at the conclusion of any race. 
Pit crewmembers and drivers not scheduled for that event are not to be in competition area unless specifically directed by an official.
22.All cars will be inspected prior to the beginning of any event.  Top
8 cars in each class WILL be reinspected at conclusion of FEATURE events. Only the drivers of top 8 cars will be allowed in post race inspection area. Any driver or pit crewmember found in violation of printed rules before, during, or after race will forfeit all winnings and entry fees.
23. Unsportsmanlike conduct or aggressive behavior toward any official,
driver, or crewmember, before, during, or after any race, will not be
tolerated. Offenders will be removed from grounds with all entry fees
and winnings forfeited.  Additionally, offender(s) will be barred from any Ramer Race Promotions event for one calendar year from date of offense.
24. All vehicles and drivers MUST be on grounds no later than ONE HOUR
BEFORE scheduled start of any show.  All vehicles must be removed from
grounds at the conclusion of event.  A $100 fine will be imposed
against any driver who abandons his car on grounds.  If you sell your car, be certain that buyer understands this regulation, as the driver will be penalized if car is not removed.
25. Posted purse may be adjusted if minimum entry numbers are not met.
Entries may be limited at some shows due to time constraints.
26. Officials will act upon any item not covered by this writing on day
of race. Promoter ALWAYS reserves the right to refuse entry to any
individual who may pose a threat to the safety and/or well being of other drivers, pit crewmembers, spectators, or officials.

Full size - Fair Class
1. Any American-made automobile that is not a convertible, Imperial,
pickup,or pickup-like vehicle may run. No 4-wheel drive allowed.
2. Tires no larger than 15 inches on full size.
3. A maximum of 9 leafs with 1 main OEM leaf is allowed.  You can have
1 leaf as long as the main leaf, with the remaining having a 1-inch stair step, with 3 clamps on each side.  Springs cannot exceed 1/4 inch thick by 2 1/2 inches wide. NO WELDING OF LEAFS.
4. Hoods MUST BE wired OR bolted shut.  If bolted:  Hoods will be
allowed 2 pieces of 3/4" all thread mounted outboard of radiator in factory holes. A maximum of 4 - 1/2" bolts or all thread allowed anywhere else on hood. Radiator support may be wired to front bumper in 2 places, outboard of radiator.
5. Trunk may have two pieces 3/4" all thread in any location with an
additional 4 - 1/2" bolts or all thread in any location.  Washers no
lager than 3" by 1/4".  Trunks or tailgates may be welded shut using a 4 inch weld then skip 4 inches before welding again on outside only.
6. Body mounts may be removed and the body bolted solid with bolts. 
Body washers may not exceed 3 inches by 1/4 inch size.
7. Frame seams may be welded but no extra metal may be added.
8. Fenders may be bolted together with no more that 7 bolts per fender.
Bolts are not to exceed 3/8 inch and only 3/8 inch standard washers may
be used.
9. Safety pipes referenced in General Rules #14 may be complimented
with up to 4 single, vertical down bars attached perpendicular and flat to frame.NO KICKERS
10. Radiator must be in stock location. Homemade saddles are allowed
and may not exceed 3 1/2 inches by 1/4 inch thick channel welded between frame rails.

Compact Class

1. Compact class may run foreign or domestic autos, but they must be
front wheel drive and have a 4-cylinder OEM engine and a factory wheelbase of 104 inches or less.
2. Compact cars may run tires no larger than 14 inches.
3. Compact class may not alter suspension.

1980 and Newer Class
1.All vehicles will be stock, 1980 and newer model years, with OEM
engines, differentials, and suspensions.  Any automotive bumper may be used.
3. Doors, hoods, trunk decks, or tailgates must be wired, not chained
or welded.
4. Internal safety cage as described in Rule #14 is acceptable. No down
bars or Kickers.

Ladies Only Classes
Only cars eligible for the 1980 and newer class may be used.

Pickup Trucks
1. Any American made 2-wheel drive pickup, blazer, bronco, or suburban
up to 3/4 ton will be allowed. NO 4 WHEEL DRIVE TRUCKS ALLOWED.
2. No stock fuel tanks allowed. They must be a fuel cell or steel tank.
The fuel tank shall be relocated to the bed of the truck against the front of the box.
3. You may run any engine regardless of make.
4. Doors must be secured by wire, chain, or welding. Tailgates may be
welded shut. 4 inch weld then skip 4 inches before welding again on outside only for tailgates.
5. Body mounts may be removed. The box and cab mounts may be replaced
with up to 1' bolts and 5' diameter washers.
6. A box type cage must be built inside the cab of the truck for
driver's safety (tubing not to exceed 3' in diameter).
7. You may run automotive type bumpers on the front and rear of the
truck. Bumper must be mounted in a stock manner. Maximum rear bumper height of 26 inches from ground to the bottom of the bumper.
8. Hoods may be wired or bolted shut
9. No reinforcement allowed anywhere on truck.
10. The tires are to be stock size for the truck. No split rims
allowed. No ply restriction on tires.
11. All trailer hitches MUST be removed.
12. Radiator must be in stock location. Homemade saddles are allowed
and may not exceed 3 1/2 inches by 1/4 inch thick channel welded between frame rails.

Old Iron Class
1. Any American made automobile. No 4-wheel drive.
2. Radiator must be in stock location. Homemade saddles are allowed and
may not exceed 3 1/2 inches by 1/4 inch thick channel welded between frame rails.
3. Body mounts may be removed and replaced. Body may be bolted down
solid. Body washers no larger than 3x3 inches, 1/4 inch thickness allowed.
4. Any ply tire permitted. Air or solid tires allowed. NO FLUID IN
5. Firewalls may have a hole cut for distributor clearance. Must have a
rubber mat covering the hole.
6. Distributor protectors are allowed. Must not make contact with the
dash bar.
7. Bumpers may be welded on. Homemade brackets are allowed. No longer
than 6 inches.
8. Frame seams and body seams may be welded. NO ADDED METAL.
9. Any vehicle may have leaf springs but MUST use factory type springs
and hangers. NO TRUCK SPRINGS ALLOWED. Cars MUST have some bounce.
10. Frame patching on used cars is allowed. 3x3 inch square on no more
than 2 sides and no thicker than 1/4 inch.
11. Safety pipes referenced in General Rules #14 may be compliments
with up to 4 single, vertical down bars attached perpendicular and flat to frame. NO KICKERS.
12. Doors and trunks may be welded solid.
13. Any manual transmission MUST have blow proof bell housing.
14. Roll over bars are permitted.
16. All cars must have at least 1 windshield bar or wire from cowl to
Decisions by officials of Ramer Race Promotions will be final.

Entry forms available online at
www.ramerinc.com or phone 815-539-5321
to receive one by mail.