Any American or Foreign Truck or SUV 3/4 ton or less. 4x4 vehicles must remove driveshaft.

1. Remove all glass, mirrors, plastic BEFORE arrival to track.
2. NO fresh tucked SUV's Pre Runs will be allowed to tuck but may only wire the roof in (4) spots sheet metal to sheet metal.
3. Truck box must remain at least 50% in stock location.
4. Anything can be Removed. Nothing can be Added unless stated in the rules. Please do not assume that its legal if it is not stated.
5. NO WELDING unless it is stated in these rules.
6. Hood will be open for Tech upon request. Failure to do so will result in disqualification.
7. Doors are to be wired, chained or welded shut. Doors may be welded with a total of 12 inch weld only on front and back door seam. Truck box may be welded to back of cab. No other welding will be allowed on the body of the vehicle.
8. Hoods and tail gate will be allowed 6 pieces of #9 wire, 4 loops per wrap. All wire must be from sheet metal to sheet metal only. If driver chooses not to use wire 4 1/2 bolts can be used. On hoods only the front (2) core support bolts CAN be used to hold down the hood. Washers are to be no larger than 1/8 thickness and (3) Three inch by (3) Three inch round or square. All trucks MUST compete with a hood.
9. All Body mounts may remain original with the exception of the front 2 core support bolts. These may be changed to no larger than 3/4 in. Body mounts may be changed in cab and box to 1/2 in. Box will be allowed 4 extra 1/2in bolts

C. Frames

*** Broken frames from a previous derby MUST contact RRP prior to any repairs are made. ****

D. Drive train

1. Any motor may be used in any vehicle. Motor must be mounted on stock mounts, no protectors will be allowed. A lower engine cradle, without a pulley protector is allowed. Lower engine mounts must still be stock though. On all V block engines, #1 spark plug must be no further back of upper ball joint. No standard transmissions unless factory for that make of vehicle. No homemade cross members, must be original. On trucks implementing engine swaps please use a stock cross member. If no cross member is available please contact RRP with questions.
2. Motors must be Bolt in Only. NO WELDING with exception of frame side motor mount
3. Rear-ends are to remain truck rearends Spider Gears only may be welded. Leaf spring trucks must use only factory spring clamps. Rear axle can be chained, wired or clamped to frame. A single rear end brace will be allowed.
4. Floor shift is allowed.
5. Exhaust through hood is allowed.
6. No protectors of any kind; distributor or transmission
7. Any type of driveshaft is allowed.

E. Driver Compartment

1. A 4 point cage will be allowed and highly recommended. Dash bar, seat bar and 2 sides. No further back than 6 inches behind driver’s seat. We will also allow 4 down tubes off the cage that must run straight down from cage to floor sheet metal only. A rollover bar is recommended but must not be welded to frame.
2. Padding of driver’s door recommended.
3. Gas tank and battery must be relocated and secured.
4. Transmission coolers WILL be allowed but must be properly secured and proper lines MUST be used. Safety first!!!!
5. Steering may be modified to allow driver more room. Steering shaft may have no more than (2) two u-joints or swivels and may not in any way act as a type of benefit.
6. Homemade throttle pedal and brake pedal will be allowed.

F. Bumpers.

1. Any automobile bumper may be mounted on any truck.Bumper may be welded to shock bracket. Homemade shock brackets must be no longer than 8 inches. Bumper skin may be pounded down and welded to inner bumper. No homemade or loaded bumpers.
2. Shocks may be collapsed and may be welded lightly.
3. If you choose NOT to weld bumper, ONE piece of chain per side BOLTED may be used to secure bumper. These chains may run around bumper and be bolted back to an existing bolt on the frame. May also run 2 loops of wire, out board of radiator, from radiator support to bumper. These 2 wires will not be part of the 4 used on securing the hood or trunk.

G. BRAKES MUST SHOW THE ABILITY TO STOP. All cars will be checked at inspection. Any car without brakes will not be allowed to compete!!! Pinion brake is allowed.