Demolition Derby Schedule

2008 RULES

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Saturday, May 17 3PM
Tri-County Fairgrounds - Mendota, IL

Old Iron, 80 & Newer, Dames,
  Compacts, and Trucks

Features Only

LaSalle Co 4-H Fair
Ottawa IL
July 12 7pm

80 & Newer, Compacts, and Trucks

Swap Meet
Paulie's Place
July 20
 9am - 3pm
Booth Set-Up 8:00am
FREE    *    FREE    *    FREE

Lee Co 4-H Fair
Amboy IL
July 26 7pm

 Fair Class, Compacts, Dames, Mini Vans and Trucks
Kendall Co 4-H Fair
Yorkville IL

August 3 2pm
Old Iron, 80 & Newer, Dames, Compacts, and Trucks

Fairbury Fair
Fairbury IL
August 13 7pm
 Fair Class, 80 & Newer, Dames, Compacts, and Trucks

                         Bureau Co Fair
                                  Princeton IL
                                August 24 5pm

                       Fair Class,  80 & Newer, Compacts, Dames, and Trucks

Tri County Fair
                                   Mendota IL
                                 August 29 7pm

                                     Old Iron, 80 & Newer Midsize and Mini Vans

Tri County Fair
                                    Mendota IL
                               September 1 4pm

                                   Fair Class, Trucks, Compacts, and Dames

                 Northern IL Championship
                                    Mendota IL
September 21    2pm
                            Old Iron, 80 & Newer, Dames, MidSize
                               Compacts, Mini Vans, and Trucks


Phone:  (815) 539-5321                      E-mail:  carol@ramerinc.com

Not all classes will run at all events so be sure to check the event(s) you will be entering. All rules will be strictly enforced, so please call with any questions. When calling, please be prepared to offer what class, type and make of vehicle you are preparing to build so we can better answer your questions We want you to have a safe and enjoyable experience at all Ramer Race Promotions shows and are looking forward to the 08 season and the future.

Pre-registration recommended for guaranteed inclusion.

Decisions by officials of Ramer Race Promotions will be final.